The colours of Peru

Amazing trip around the Andes and Lake Titicaca. Undoubtedly, Peru is one of my favorite countries. The seaside is beautiful. The mountains are astonishing. Lake titicaca is breathtaking. Peruvian people are warm and beautiful. Peruvian food is superb. The Incan and Pre-Incan cultures are humbling. What is not to love about a country like that?

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The most amazing part of this trip was to spend some time with a local family at one of the floating islands of Uros. The islands are made out of straw and float in the middle of the Tititcaca lake. Each island accommodates 4-5 families and most of them have been living there for generations. The family that hosted us has set up a small homestay and it’s eye-opening and inspiring to witness the wisdom with which these people take life. Victor and Cristina were our hosts. Cristina’s daughter cooks and she could well be cooking for a five-star hotel anywhere in the world. During a tour around the lake, Victor explained how living in the islands has taught them to appreciate change. Nothing is static there. The islands float in the lake, and while imperceptible, they are in constant movement. The straw, with which the islands and the houses are made, is in constant decay. The people living on the islands constantly need to rebuild the floor on which they are standing. Nothing remains. Everything changes. Victor’s mother tongue is Aymara. As a kid, he learned Quechua and Spanish. As an adult, after opening his home stay, he has taught himself English and French and he is well fluent in all of these languages. If you want to learn more about this unique accommodation and people visit Uros Khantati.


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