Hacienda Santa Bárbara / Casa Malinche, Tlaxcala, México

In the outskirts of Huamantla, one of the magical towns in the tiny state of Tlaxcala, in Central Mexico, lies the beautiful Hacienda Santa Barbara, also known as Casa Malinche. The property, erected four hundred years ago, is situated in the middle of a rural village called Chapultepec at the foothills of the Malinche vulcano.

In addition to its beautiful surroundings, the Hacienda has some majestic and relaxing interiors and a delightful decoration that includes an amazing collection of ceramics from the region, traditional cooking utensils and a vegetable patch supplying fresh and organic vegetables to the guests.

The eclectic decoration of the rooms and bathrooms combines local materials, recycled goods and traditional ornaments. If you are planning to spend the night at the Hacienda, make sure that you book the room that faces the vulcano. That room is just amazing!

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Hacienda Santa Maria Xalostoc, Tlaxcala, Mexico

This weekend, I visited Tlaxcala, one of the tiniest states in Mexico and also, one of the states with the lowest economic development in the country. I was absolutely astonished with the beauty of the state. Despite not being a top touristic destination in Mexico, the state has some historical and natural sites that are as beautiful as some of the famous ‘Haciendas’ in other states, most of them in a very genuine conservation state (i.e. non ‘touristy’) and free of the crowds of other more popular destinations in Mexico.

This is a collection of pictures I took in Hacienda Santa María Xalostoc. The hacienda was been around for almost five centuries and is a must if you are planning to visit the Haciendas in the state. Santa María Xalostoc is located close to Tlaxco, about 90 minutes away from Mexico City and only 25 minutes away from the state of Tlaxcala. You can learn more from the Hacienda on their website and find some relevant information.

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The colours of Huasca, Mexico

One hundred and thirty kilometers north from Mexico City, lies the beautiful town of Huasca in the state of Hidalgo. Established as a mining town, Huasca is home to some of the finest and most amazing ‘Haciendas’ (estates) in the central part of Mexico. Huasca also is surrounded by enchanting natural spots, including the Basaltic Prisms, amazing geometric rocks carved by water over millions of years.

Prismas_montañista2 Prismas_montañista Prismas_Basalticos Prismas_Basalticos_3 Prismas_Basalticos_2 Prismas_alfarero Mariana_PrismasDel Lago Del Lago_boteSanta Maria Regla2 Santa Maria Regla Santa Maria Regla_Ventanas Santa Maria Regla_Grifos Santa Maria Regla_capilla Santa Maria Regla_barril San Miguel Regla_Reflexions1 San Miguel Regla_Hojas San Miguel Regla_Geom San Miguel Regla_Columpio2 San Miguel Regla_Columpio San Miguel Regla_Candados San Miguel Regla_Camaleon San Miguel Regla_Cabana San Miguel Regla_Bote2 San Miguel Regla_Bote1 San Miguel Regla_Arcos

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