The colours of Cape Town

Photos taken during a road trip around the Western Cape in South Africa. Certainly one of the most amazing and beautiful places on earth with pristine beaches, stunning mountains, hundreds of vineyards, and rich nature.

DSC00123DSC00134DSC00228strawberry fieldsDSC09665 DSC09649DSC09672DSC09638 DSC09620 DSC09615 DSC09585DSC09491-2DSC09497-2DSC09532-2DSC09471-2

Seagull eating stolen penguin egg


Penguin watching seagull eating stolen penguin egg

DSC09529-2DSC09580-2 DSC09577-2DSC00309 DSC00308 DSC00303 DSC00292 DSC00281DSC09397-2 DSC00493 DSC00491 DSC00488 DSC00418DSC00432 DSC09796-2DSC09832-2DSC00364DSC09527DSC09542DSC09533DSC09534DSC09543DSC09570 DSC09471 DSC09469DSC09353-2DSC09675-2DSC09676-2DSC09659-2DSC09807DSC09820DSC09921DSC09684DSC09705DSC09714DSC09746DSC09773DSC09463 DSC09410 DSC00020DSC00112 DSC00081DSC09971 

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