The colours of Huasca, Mexico

One hundred and thirty kilometers north from Mexico City, lies the beautiful town of Huasca in the state of Hidalgo. Established as a mining town, Huasca is home to some of the finest and most amazing ‘Haciendas’ (estates) in the central part of Mexico. Huasca also is surrounded by enchanting natural spots, including the Basaltic Prisms, amazing geometric rocks carved by water over millions of years.

Prismas_montañista2 Prismas_montañista Prismas_Basalticos Prismas_Basalticos_3 Prismas_Basalticos_2 Prismas_alfarero Mariana_PrismasDel Lago Del Lago_boteSanta Maria Regla2 Santa Maria Regla Santa Maria Regla_Ventanas Santa Maria Regla_Grifos Santa Maria Regla_capilla Santa Maria Regla_barril San Miguel Regla_Reflexions1 San Miguel Regla_Hojas San Miguel Regla_Geom San Miguel Regla_Columpio2 San Miguel Regla_Columpio San Miguel Regla_Candados San Miguel Regla_Camaleon San Miguel Regla_Cabana San Miguel Regla_Bote2 San Miguel Regla_Bote1 San Miguel Regla_Arcos

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